Recorded Presentations

Creating and recording voiceover presentations is a fairly simple process.

At present, these are my workflow steps:

  1. Research the presentation topic.
  2. Create outline for slides and speech.  Typically, I highlight three main points discovered during the research. This helps create a streamlined presentation.
  3. Pick slide layout, usually a theme in Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint.
  4. Build slides from layout.
  5. Depending on length of presentation, either write speech first, or design slides and write speech in the slide notes.
  6. Save presentation as JPG files or PDF.
  7. Upload JPG or PDF into iMovie.  I find it easier to import JPGs individually into iMovie to create timeframes for voiceover.
  8. Import each JPG into a new iMovie file.
  9. Record voiceover of each slide’s speech notes.
  10. Save file in iMovie, typically at the highest resolution.
  11. Open file in Quicktime and save as a .mp4.
  12.  Upload mp4 to YouTube and/or Slideshare.  If available, include link to original presentation slides with speaker notes.
  13. Distribute to interested parties (e.g., faculty, students, career education center staff).

This process could probably be simplified in several ways, but for now, it works.

So far, recorded presentations have been the trick for use in flipped classrooms and on-demand information.  Since the videos are short, and contain additional references, students can use them on their own time and with whatever depth they desire.

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