Bob Williams Research Grant

I am ecstatic to announce that I have received the ASIS&T SIG-HFIS Bob Williams Research Grant! This will be quite the undertaking, but I am excited to have funding to begin this work–and hire a research assistant. In my project “Mental Health Information in LIS: A Retrospective of Access and Attitudes,” I will examine historic … Continue reading Bob Williams Research Grant

Social structures of sobriety & recovery: a personal note

I was very hesitant to write about this, but as qualitative research includes the researcher, I think it’s important for my dissertation and further work for me to publicly note that, like my future research subjects, I am a queer person with mental health concerns, including alcoholism. June 28, 2020 made two years of sobriety. … Continue reading Social structures of sobriety & recovery: a personal note

A note on terminology

Recently, I decided to stop using the term LGBTQ+ when talking about my research, and begin using the phrase “sexual and gender minority” (SGM). Especially with my being a non-binary bisexual person, this was a thoughtful consideration, though one that I’m not certain I’ll continue to utilize throughout my research. As the 7th edition of … Continue reading A note on terminology

AI chatbots and mental health apps

In Spring 2019, I took a Social Informatics course from Dr. Colin Rhinesmith.  During the class, I focused my research mostly on mental healthcare apps and LGBTQ mental healthcare needs.  This generated what I hope others find to be a helpful bibliography.  Please be aware that this bibliography was generated by Zotero and I have … Continue reading AI chatbots and mental health apps

Data science + LIS = LEADS-4-NDP

I am very excited to say that I will be a LEADS-4-NDP 2019 Fellow! Data science and information science have many similarities, so close that researchers have used information science’s trajectory to understand the development of data science (Mayrnik, M., 2018). As a LIS doctoral student who works as the research associate on a data science initiative, … Continue reading Data science + LIS = LEADS-4-NDP

On equitable access and research triangles

When doctoral research while being a working class academic feels overwhelming, an important motivation for continuing is the ability to contribute to equitable access. The project described in this interview explains some about my research assistantship with Dr. Colin Rhinesmith on the IMLS funded work “Measuring Library Broadband Networks for the National Digital Platform (LG-71-18-0110-18).” … Continue reading On equitable access and research triangles