A selection of subjects where my career has been focused, with brief descriptions of work and links to associated materials.

Research Data Management (2015-Present)
Research, instruction, presentations, and publication

Research Data Management Librarian Academy. Research support for founding, contribution to GitHub repository, presentations, and writing white paper.

Developing Data Information Literacy with the Institutional Review Board. Instruction and presentation. (Concluded)

Electronic Publishing (2015-Present)
Co-founding, research, editorial assistance, instruction, presentations, and publications

Harvard Data Science ReviewResearch support for founding an open access journal.

Aeolus Student-Run Research Journal. Instruction, co-founding, and publications.

“Harnessing the Winds: Collaboration and the Aeolus Research Journal”

“Metaliteracy and the Library: Teaching an Undergraduate Research Journal”

Tech-Based Teaching blog: Computational Thinking in the Classroom. Co-founding and editorial assistance. (Concluded)

Council of Science Editors (CSE) Publication Certificate Program. Coursework and research.

Data science for the humanities (2015-Present)
Instruction, Open Refine, Open Science Framework projects, R Studio, presentations, and publications

LIS Education and Data Science for the National Digital Platform (LEADS-4-NDP)

Enhancing access to historic biographical data through visualization tools

LEADS Blog posts

ArcGIS StoryMaps

“GIS and the Humanities: Presenting a Path to Digital Scholarship with the Story Map App”

“The Power of Story Maps: Learn How to Use ArcGIS and Story Maps for Digital Humanities”

Historical role of information science in marine biomedical research (2013-2016)
Research, bibliography, and presentations

“As Necessary as Water: Information Science in Marine Biomedical Research”

Digitization of marine science collections (2013-2015)
Repositories and presentations

Creating a Marine Resource Center’s Digital Repository

LUMCON Digital Archives Procedures Manual

Consilience Between Archives and Library

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